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• At least six (6) dedicated outdoor courts <br />o Lighting <br />O Sufficient parking <br />Multiple restrooms <br />• Overall development area resulting in a maximum of two (2) acres <br />o Courts to be located a sufficient distance away from adjacent existing residential development <br />Generally, in accordance with the District Master Plan, active recreational amenities such as pickleball <br />are located at Community Parks or Playfields; to broaden the pool of potential locations, Neighborhood <br />Parks over ten (10) acres were also considered as well as Districtwide Parks. From these preliminary <br />conditions, nineteen (19) parks were initially considered (Exhibit A). <br />Level 1 Analysis <br />Preliminary general descriptions and cost estimates were developed for the nineteen (19) park <br />facilities. The nineteen (19) park facilities were reviewed with the Ad Hoc committee and pros and <br />cons were assessed for each site. From this review, nine (9) sites (highlighted in red) were removed <br />from the process due to the high impact on existing use and park operations (Exhibit B). <br />Level 2 Analysis <br />The ten (10) sites remaining were then reviewed in further detail with the Ad Hoc committee and <br />additional key staff from both the Recreation and Park Divisions. From this review an additional five <br />(5) sites (highlighted in salmon) were removed from the process due to the additional park site impact <br />information on existing use and park operations (Exhibit C). <br />Level 3 Analysis <br />Staff held ten (10) total public outreach meetings, two (2) meetings at each remaining potential site <br />(Del Prado Playfield, Rancho Conejo Playfield, Conejo Creek Northwest (future park site), Oakbrook <br />Neighborhood Park, and Triunfo Community Park) to review the proposed conceptual improvements <br />(Exhibit D) and receive feedback from the community. Meetings were notified via a mailer to <br />neighbors, signage posted on site, and on the District website. <br />Proposed concept plans and information were posted on the District website for public review and <br />comment before and after the meetings. (Park & Planning Projects - Conelo Recreation and Park <br />District (crpd.orq) click the Pickleball in the Conejo Valley tab). <br />In addition, staff met with the local Ventura County Pickleball Club to review the proposed <br />improvements and receive feedback. <br />At the conclusion of the public outreach meetings, staff and the Ad Hoc committee developed a <br />weighted scoring system, based on Location in the District (maximum 20 points), Recreation Staff <br />Input (15), Pickleball Club Input (10), Development Feasibility (15), Cost Estimate (20) and Public <br />Outreach (20). <br />Staff and the Ad Hoc Committee then scored each criteria for each site based on a percentage. <br />