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Conejo Recreation & Park District <br />GENERAL MANAGER <br />Jim Friedl <br />DATE: November 17, 2022 <br />TO: Board of Directors <br />FROM: Jim Friedl, General Manag <br />SUBJECT: Prioritize Potential Addi Tonal Pickleball <br />and Park District <br />RECOMMENDATION <br />BOARD OF DIRECTORS <br />Nellie Cusworth, Chair <br />Susan L. Holt, Vice Chair <br />George M. Lange, Director <br />Chuck Huffer, Director <br />Doug Nickles, Director <br />GENERAL MANAGER EMERITUS <br />Tex Ward <br />Court Locations in Conejo Recreation <br />Prioritize potential additional pickleball court locations in Conejo Recreation and Park District in the <br />following order: <br />1. Triunfo Community Park <br />2. Oakbrook Neighborhood Park <br />3. Del Prado Playfield <br />4. Rancho Conejo Playfield <br />5. Conejo Creek Northwest Park (future park site) <br />DISCUSSION <br />In July 2021, the Board directed staff to create an Ad Hoc committee to explore potential suitable <br />solutions, locations, and partners to create additional pickleball courts in Conejo Recreation and Park <br />District. To access the July 15, 2021 Board report visit <br />Initial Guidelines and Minimum Criteria for Pickleball Courts <br />At the first meeting of the Ad Hoc committee (Director Holt and Director Huffer), several initial <br />guidelines were set. To provide a thorough and controlled process, only District owned park sites <br />would be reviewed. Furthermore, due to the lack of preference of dual -striped courts in the tennis and <br />pickleball communities, only dedicated pickleball court development would be considered. <br />Based on the District Master Plan requirements, current pickleball court use, information gained from <br />meetings and interaction with the pickleball community, and past pickleball development projects, <br />District staff formulated, and the Ad Hoc committee concurred with, minimum criteria for the <br />development of additional courts. In order to provide a suitable recreational amenity, a new pickleball <br />facility should include: <br />ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES - <br />403 West Hillcrest Drive, Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-4223 <br />805-495-6471 1 Fax: 805-497-3199 1 I <br />