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The results of the process (Exhibit E) concluded that prioritizing potential additional pickleball court <br />locations in Conejo Recreation and Park District are recommended in the following order: <br />PRIORITY <br />PARK SITE <br />TOTAL SCORE <br />max score 100 <br />1 <br />Triunfo Community Park <br />81.1 <br />2 <br />Oakbrook Neighborhood Park <br />80.9 <br />3 <br />Del Prado Pla field <br />75.0 <br />4 <br />Rancho Conejo Playfield <br />70.5 <br />5 <br />Conejo Creek Northwest Park future park site <br />56.5 <br />NEXT STEPS <br />As a result of a thorough and comprehensive process including several committee meetings and <br />numerous public outreach meetings, five (5) park sites have been identified and prioritized as potential <br />additional pickleball locations. Staff will incorporate these five (5) park sites in the 10 -Year Capital <br />Improvement Plan as part of the budget approval process in Spring 2023. <br />STRATEGIC PLAN COMPLIANCE <br />Meets 2022 Strategic Plan Element Objective and Strategy 2.0: Our objective is to provide and <br />maintain recreational facilities that meet the needs of the community. Our strategy is to effectively plan <br />and allocate resources to implement the District's Master Plan. <br />Meets 2022 Strategic Plan Goal 2.3: Maintain the 10 -Year Capital Improvement Plan. Regularly <br />update the 10 -year Capital Improvement Plan to prioritize projects and effectively plan and allocate <br />future resources. As capital funding allows, execute, implement, and develop projects each year in <br />accordance with the plan. This Plan should include funds for accessibility improvements associated <br />with park improvements. Update plan every two years as part of the Capital Budget process. <br />Meets 2022 Strategic Plan Goal 2.5: Maintain a capital improvement fund. Provide incentives for <br />groups to improve District facilities through a grant funding application program for District approved <br />projects. <br />Meets 2022 Strategic Plan Goal 4.6: Build, maintain, and support relationships with local organizations <br />engaged in activities consistent with the District's mission. Look for collaborative opportunities to <br />expand services and fill unmet needs. <br />Respectfully submitted by, <br />T. P. Hare, Administrator <br />Parks and Planning <br />Attachments <br />Prepared by, <br />Aoio--, <br />Andrew J. Mooney, Senior Park Planner <br />Parks and Planning <br />