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Conejo Recreation & Park District <br />GENERAL MANAGER <br />Jim Friedl <br />DATE: December 3, 2020 <br />TO: Board of Directors t4 &A <br />�Q.,N11M�'�0too <br />FROM: Jim Friedl, Genera9 NVlanag r <br />BOARD OF DIRECTORS <br />George M. Lange, Chair <br />Doug Nickles, Vice Chair <br />Susan L. Holt, Director <br />Chuck Huffer, Director <br />Nellie Cusworth, Director <br />GENERAL MANAGER EM ERS TUS <br />Tex Ward <br />SUBJECT: Update Policy on Performance of Compensable Duties and A dopy'' aso�udoon <br />120320-A <br />RECOMMENDAT0ON <br />1. Adopt Resolution 120320-A Adopting Findings and Establishing a Policy Regarding Board <br />Compensation. <br />2. Adopt Updated Board of Directors Policy On Compensable Performance of Official Duties <br />DISCUSSION <br />Resoludon Adopfing Findings and Establishing a Policy Regarding Board Compensat'mn <br />In 2006, the Board updated and adopted policies regarding compensation for meetings and <br />performance of other compensable official duties and activities and also updated their expense <br />reimbursement policies. These updates were related to a state law (known as AB 1234) which <br />established additional guidelines affecting local government board compensation and expense <br />reimbursement, as well as a requirement for local government official ethics training every two years. <br />In 2018, the Legislature passed and the Governor signed AB 2329 which enables special districts to <br />increase the number of compensable meetings and activities which constitute official duties from a <br />ma)�imum of five (5) per month to six (6) per month, provided the legislative body "annually adopts a <br />written policy, based on a finding supported by substantial evidence, why more than five meetings per <br />month, are necessary for the effective operation of the District." <br />Staff believes that given the breadth of CRPD programming and activities offered, diverse <br />programming areas, numerous facilities, number of residents served, and active and engaged partner <br />agencies, institutions and non -profits that deliver public recreation amenities, it is in the District's and <br />public's interest to have Board members active and engaged in more than five (5) meetings per month. <br />Therefore, staff has prepared the attached Resolution with findings for the Board's consideration <br />i�hich establishes that more than five meetings per month are necessary for the effective operation of <br />the District. <br />Minor changes have been made to clarify that compensable meetings may be held remotely (via <br />telephone or internet, i.e., zoom,) as well as traditional in-person meetings. <br />ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES <br />403 West Hillcrest Drive I Thousand Oaks, CA 91360-4223 <br />(805) 495-6471 1 FAX: (805) 497-3199 1 Email: I Website: <br />