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Updated Board of Directors Policy on Compensable Performance of Official Duties <br />The "Compensable Performance of Official Duties" defines compensable activities and duties as <br />broad and inclusive of the wide array of recreation, park, open space and social service areas covered <br />by the Conejo Recreation and Park District. <br />6.4 Update and maintain organization -wide and divisional and administrative policy manuals. <br />7.5 Encourage Board member and staff involvement with public committees and non-profit <br />boards and community organizations. <br />7.6 Encourage Board and staff participation in appropriate regional, state and national <br />professional, educational and advocacy organizations.... <br />Attachments <br />Resolution 120320-A — Adopting Findings and Establishing a Policy Regarding Board <br />Compensation <br />Policy.- Compensable Performance of Official Duties <br />